X-men QTC
X-men's QTC Program is pledge of integrity, compliance and promises kept.
X-Men has worked with leading experts to weave this program of compliance assurance into every aspect of our work flow.By integrating current best practices in corporate compliance and training management , under a new Chief Compliance Officer, X-men has built a solid, enduring focudation for QTC.  
X-Men's QTC Program means :
Oversight starts at the highest level with a chief Compliance Officer and staff reporting directly to the Director and Board .
Every contract and legal requirment is identified and matrixed.
Formal policies and procedures direct work at every level.
Training is built on a strict corporate doctrine with best practices in mangement, curriculum and instruction.
Inspections are intensive at every level from daily supervisor oversight to in-depth corporate auditing.
ALL X-Men employees are fully accountable discipline is fair and consisent and excellence is rewarded.
Inspection data drives effective planning of corrective actions and continual improvement.
Problems are fixed and improvements achieved, confirmed by the CCO and reported to our clients.
QTC is a commitment, a culture and a program that works. X-Men's clients and employees are assured of delivery with integrity, and that all X-Men obligations are fulfilled every day.
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